Eco Stories

Inspiration rooted in Scientific Temper and Ecological Visioning

Experts from Eco Vision Indica have been igniting and inspiring individuals and youth through exchange of thoughts and ideas from their voluntary and independent mode of action for protecting our Earth's Nature. Policy support & youth mentoring thoughts, eco-visions and actions, which emanate from sheer knowledge, experience, and expertise of distinguished advisers and members. Some of their thoughts are shared here...

Process of Inner Eco Transformation

- Dr. Pamposh Kumar

Theatre has powerful engaging capacity, especially when it comes to socio cultural issues. The reflections on conflicts,trauma,strife & grief

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Eco Next Media for Cultural Resilience

- Dr. A. Santha

For Indians that too for the Tamils, flower is a way of life a mode of communication & their deities they offer flowers, garlands to express devotion.

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Eco Thoughts From Inspiring Leaves

- A.M. Vandana

The People, The Food, The Culture, And Even The Thorny Fencing Plants Of This Region. Now Describe The River Vaigai In Just A Few Words.

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